Students develop contemporary practices in a series of paintings that sequentially identify and build technical and critical vocabulary. Basic and advanced skills are defined and developed through projects that relate materials and techniques to concept development and presentation. Multiple painting systems are explored through a variety of self-selected subjects. Students learn to build and prepare a range of painting supports. Health and safety procedures are emphasized.


Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

1) Demonstrate existing and acquired knowledge of painting practices through the execution of projects that:

  • Challenge the student’s technical capacities in painting
  • Require a growing conceptual articulation of the student’s own practice
  • Develop the ability to work constructively and productively within the in-class studio environment
  • Contribute to a positive and critical studio environment

2) Show strong individual painting studio problem solving skills by:

  • Refining ‘subject matter’ decision-making
  • Further considering the meaning of materials
  • Developing self-generated parameters in order to produce a resolved body of work that speaks to an individual visual vocabulary
  • Actively expanding technical approaches
  • Learning to analyze and contextualize the painting of others to gain insight into ones own practice

3) Learn more about the subject and discourse of painting through:

  • Slide demonstrations, gallery visits, online and dvd/video presentations that contextualize projects within an art historical and contemporary Canadian and International contexts
  • Conducting individual student research resulting in formal and informal presentations to the class
  • Exploring a diversity of approaches to meaning in painting
  • Building informed opinions to historical and contemporary painting

4) Demonstrate critique skills by:

  • Participating in all formal scheduled critiques
  • Joining informal discussions in-class with fellow students and faculty
  • Actively pursuing feedback from fellow students and faculty members
  • Researching critical writing to bring appropriate vocabulary to the studio environment

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